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The Extensions Manager allows you to change what loads at start up. Extensions and Control Panels add functionality to your Mac. There may be conflicts between them or may be some that you donŐt need for the tasks you have before you today and the extra RAM is necessary. By turning some off your system will not take as much RAM and will run faster.

You can create your own sets which will help to save time when you would like to change what is loaded. For instance, if you use PhotoShop or a digital video program you will want to disable as much as you could so to have as much of the system resources as possible and save that set so you can quickly get to work.

You can see quite a bit of information about an item in the window listing but if you highlight an item and open the item information box at the bottom of the window, you will get a short description of what that item does. Thus giving you an idea as to whether you need it or not. To create a set you can choose New Set from the File menu, which will prompt you for a name and then give you a set with everything turned on, or you can choose the "Duplicate Set" button to begin with a set identical to the set active. Then you can choose the changes you would like to make and change the name from the File Menu.

The Extensions Manager is where you can find resolutions to Extension Conflicts. There are basically two methods to begin to resolve the conflicts.

One is to open the set that is being difficult, duplicate it and shut off some extensions that you believe might be causing the trouble, restart and see if the conflict still exists. If it has fixed the conflict you know the problem stems from one that you had turned off. If the problem still exists turn some more off and try again.

The other method is to choose a standard OS set from the menu (they will be the ones with a padlock to the left denoting they are locked), duplicate the set and begin by adding extensions to see if you can replicate the problem.




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