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updated Mar 05 '06

updated Mar 20, '05

Mac OS8-9 Beginner's Tutorial
updated Jan 18, '05

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updated Dec 30, '04

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Did you just get an iMac, iBook, Power Mac G5 or new to the Mac OS?

Need some help getting comfortable with your Mac?

Are you an experienced Mac user just looking for a trick you never knew or trying to understand what these OS9 features are all about? Now I've even begun an OSX tutorial.

From original tutorials to articles to links across the web.

I will help you to find the answers you need.


Being a long time Mac user and member of a local user group it has become apparent that finding help in using our beloved Macs is becoming scarce. My intention is to address that issue by attempting to gather the resources here, through my original tutorials and links, to help you find that help you need. My experience is as a Mac user for over 12 years. I am not an expert but someone who has successfully used the Mac platform for work and play and has gathered practical knowledge along the way.

I have noticed a need for those new to the Mac community in becoming familiar and comfortable with their Macs. I have written beginners tutorials for just this purpose.

As I was doing so, I found that there were many features I had never noticed, used or had forgotten about, so I have a tips page for all of us no matter how experienced.








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