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Mac OS8-9 Beginner's Tutorial
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Developers pages

Graphic Converter
A Better Finder Creators & Types - Macintosh Contextual Menu shareware
Finder tools for multiple files
Alessandro Levi Montalcini
Maker of USB Overdrive, KeyQuencher, Icon Archiver and others
Ambrosia Software, Inc.
Great Shareware games and utilities
Big Brother
Verify all your links
Binary Software
Makers of Square One and PowerSwitch
Blue Box Software and Consulting
Invoicing Shareware - simple tracking time and expenses for consultants, contractors, freelamcers and those whose invoicing needs are limited. Both stand alone and FMP versions
ClaireWare Software
Program Switcher, Personal Log, Super Save and others
Default folder
Tired of wasting time opening and saving files? By enhancing the Open and Save dialog boxes on your Macintosh, Default Folder makes managing your files almost automatic.
Excalibur Latex Spell Checker
A free clipboard based spell checker
The premier cross platform database
FinderPop -- Click Different!
A GREAT little piece of software that extends contextual menus
A feature laden ICQ client
Hopper: Computers
Obscure Mac Software
iCab - Taxi for the Mac
A Mac-Only browser
Kaleidoscope is the ultimate in user interface customization for the Macintosh, letting you switch between completely different interface designs provided by plug-in modules called "Schemes".
Opens and translates file types of all kinds.
Macromedia - Dreamweaver/Fireworks
Web page and graphics builder
Microsoft Macintosh Download Center
Internet Explorer and Outlook Express and updates
MindVision Home
Makers of VISE installer
Descriptions and file sizes of many shareware programs - Navigation is poor
One Click
Floating Palletes and keyboard shortcuts
Power On Software's ACTION Utilities Bundle
Menu enhancements
Quadratic Software
Some great shareware programs
A great calendar and reminder program
Riccisoft Mac Software and High-Quality Shareware
Sound and Image shareware
RSS Software, NFL Football, Office Pool Manager, Pro Predictor
Great Example of GREAT job on software
Rustle Laidman
Developer of Page Boy, Apple Error Codes, Vanishing Cream, Guitar Tuner
Script Software
iView, CopyPaste, iType and others
Semicolon Software
Makers of Solitaire 'til Dawn and others
Tired of mousing to the default button?
Snapz Pro 2
Great desktop snapshot shareware program
A GREAT freeware program for opening, converting and manipulating sounds
Spell Catcher
An interactive spell checker which will work in all your programs
A full featured text editor
The Official AppleScripts for Tex-Edit Plus Arc…
AppleScripts to enhance Tex-Edit
Tiger Technologies Shareware for Windows and Macintosh
Makers of Window Monkey, Menuette and Holiday Lights
URL Manager Pro
By far the most veratile URL manager anywhere!!!! Also creator of Web Confidential



VersionTracker - Mac Software Updates
A great resource for making sure your software is updated
Info-Mac HyperDigests
Info-Mac Search Digests
Mac Download
The Mac Orchard - Internet
Internet Software
Todd K. Frazier's Home Page
Software and Hardware reviews
Unique and unusual Mac software
The (MacOS) Finder Search engine for Software
Todd's Macintosh Support Pages
U of Mich Archive
U of Texas archive
What's New Freeware / Shareware?





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