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One of the best ways to get help with questions about your Mac is to subscribe to appropriate Mailing Lists. Most are moderated and therefore are kept focused and the membership is kept private.

One of the best sources of well moderated and valuable Mac lists is Low End Mac. There are lists for topics ranging from general discussion to Vintage Macs to iMacs. A new source is MacLaunch which where Low End Mac has moved all it's lists to.

Another source of mailing lists is Topica. Topica is a list server and they have an evergrowing number of lists on most topics. A couple of the Mac lists I subscribe to have moved there. They have 20 or so Mac specific lists and the site is searchable.




Find tutorials and articles to help you

Macintosh Troubleshooting
Good set of tutorials on troubleshooting
How To Troubleshoot Crashes an...
How to use Profiler and Extension Manager
Troubleshooting System Errors - Adobe
A quick description of how to troubleshoot your Mac
Apple - How to Troubleshoot
A good tutorial on how to troubleshoot
Using Disk Utilities
Info on using Disk Utilities
Apple TIL - error codes
InformINIT -- the Original and still the Best
What are all those extensions for Internet Service
You can test how fast your internet connection really is


Email support

Can't figure it out, email someone who can help

Forums about most any software/hardware problems
VersionTracker - Mac Software Updates
First be sure you have the proper updates for your system and software
AllExperts - e-mail help on about any subject
Email Mac volunteers with your questions
Focus on Mac Support - Welcome from The Mining Co.
Email Mac Experts, also some great troubleshooting articles
877MacTank: Love your Mac? Hey, we do too.
$25.00 per call
Low End Mac Help Desk
Email Mac experts, especially older machines


Maintenance and Set up

Find ways to prevent trouble

Preventative Maintenence
Good set of tutorials for maintenance
Optimize-Defreag disscussion
A disscussion on the value of Tech Tool and Norton Speed Disk.
Partitioning a Hard Drive
Hard Drive Partitioning, Part(ition) 1.
Hard Drive Partitioning, Part(ition) 2
Drive Partitioning
Good article on partitioning your hard drive





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