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updated Mar 05 '06

updated Mar 20, '05

Mac OS8-9 Beginner's Tutorial
updated Jan 18, '05

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updated Dec 30, '04

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It surprises me, though it shouldn't, that I keep discovering more features of the Mac OS or other programs which I use on a regular basis. I hope to show you a few you haven't yet found.

I'm always looking for new tips. If you have a tip or trick you would like to share let me know and acknowledge you contribution.


For Newbies

A section with vital information for new users and those who have never "Read the Manual". Also a good resource for those who have friends or relatives who are new to Macs.

Mac Beginner's Tutorial - my series of pages to help beginner's get familiar with the Mac OS

Tidying Your Mac - a reprint of an article by Clare Shumway which explains the most basic concepts of organization and function of your Mac.

Learn what those control panels do - a work in progress

Keyboard Shortcuts - How to accomplish many of the Menu Bar commands without using your mouse. A printer friendly page. Print this page and put it in sheet protector and keep it handy


Getting the most from the OS features

How to use Spring-Loaded folders
What are Contextual Menus? and some tips
Controlling Your Control Strip
Some Ideas for Pop-up Folders
Do you know all four ways to make an alias
How do you make special characters?
Making the most of 'find in text'
Need a change of scenery?
How about changing the sounds your Mac makes
With OS9 you can set the Function Keys (F1-F12) to open items
Finder Window Tricks
You can open your System Suitcase
Make good use of the Application Switcher
Using iTunes on a home network


Getting the most from other programs

Getting the most from your shareware - What's a Read Me?
Back up, Back up, Back up!!!! - A simple way to back up with SimpleBackup
OE5 Tip: Marking and Sorting Your Messages
OE5 Tip: Make a rules to alert you of important email
OE5 Tip: Create a Folder on the Fly
OE5 Tip: Edit a Received Message
OE5 Tip: Clean up those forwarded message
Learn to edit and size your digital photos



Cable Modem Blues - How to get your cable connection back
Back up, Back up, Back up!!!! - A simple way to back up with SimpleBackup
Take a picture of your Desktop - A great way to aid you in getting help
Rebuild Your Desktop - A simple solution to many problems
Disk First Aid - A troubleshooting tool you already have
Making that Help Desk call - Be prepared for that call for support


Web Tips

Netscape History - There is such a thing!!
Controlling Your Cash (Cache) - Those pesky little browser files
Speed Up Your Browsing - A little tip to improve your internet connection
Internet Explorer 5 Tip - Make IE look and feel the way you want


Tutorial Videos

These are a learning adventure for me as I have had no prior experience with video or audio, so please bear with me and let me know what you think, especially if you have any trouble viewing them. They are in QuickTime format which you can get here for either Mac or Windows versions. They should stream (start playing before they finish downloading) so that even with slower connections they should begin rather quickly.

I would like acknowledge two people who have inspired, encouraged and aided me to create my tutorials. Diane, of fame and Dan, of fame. Thank you both for your help.

My first attempt - I will demonstrate some under-utilized features and shortcuts incorporated in OS 8.5+ to create a project launcher.






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