The new Apple Calculator is far more than an adding machine.

Note: These instructions are for OS10.3. The OS10.2 version is very similar.

Choose Advanced from the View menu and you can perform other advanced calculations. The "2nd" key will change the trigonometric functions to their inverse (sin to arc sin).

You can choose to show the Paper Tape from the View menu to see a record of your calculations. You can also do or edit your calculation there.

When using the paper tape you have to use the Recalculate Totals button to get the total, the equal sign won't do it. You also can use many more functions which are described in the Help files.






The calculator will also perform quite a number of conversions. Enter and original value in the calculator and choose the type of conversion you want, then choose the appropriate units and click OK.

You can even convert currencies with exchange rates you can update from the internet. How up to date those rates are, I don't really know, but they do seem to be within a day.




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