Contextual Menus

Contextual Menus (CMs), first introduced in OS8.0, are very handy and powerful. They give you a popup menu of commands that are often used. To activate the menu you click on something while holding down the control key. Depending on what you are clicking the menus will vary.

This is what a Contextual Menu brings up in the Finder.


On the desktop     







On a folder








On a file









CM in iPhoto





You will notice that many of the commands are available from the menu bar, Contextual Menus allow you an easier way to access these commands. Many programs have commands in the contextual menus that only appear there. 

Some applications come with CM files which offer you commands that are particular to that application and are available in the Finder Contextual Menu. You will notice I have one for Graphic Converter.

To add a CM file that you have found, or to remove one that you don't want, you place it into the Contextual Menu Items folder, ~/Library/Contextual Menu Items (~ is your home folder), and restart your Mac.

Go ahead, Control-Click everywhere and see what features you can find in your Contextual Menus. Look in the folders of your programs and see what Contextual Folder Plugins you can find to put into your Contextual Menu Items folder. 


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