Here is a photo of my son and niece which certainly needs some work.











One of the best editing tools is the Brightness/Contrast panel (Picture Menu)

The thumbnails provide a preview of your results, you can move the box in the left thumbnail to change the area of focus in the Before and After thumbnails.

Select the 'Link Sliders' option to change the red, geen and blue by the same value. You can then deselect it to fine tune the changes.

Use the 'Full Screen Preview' to show the changes in the original image behind, move the Brightness/Contrast window around by the title bar to view the original better

You can fine tune even more with the 'Levels' panel.






You can crop the picture by choosing the 'Selection' tool (top right in toolbox) and select a portion, you can adjust the selection box with the handles on each side and the corners. Once you are happy with what is selected, choose 'Trim Selection' from the Edit menu.

Cropping a photo helps to decrease the file size.











You can also Scale (resize) the picture (choose Picture:Size:Scale) to decrease the dimensions and file size. Choose what you would like to use to change the size. A simple percentage or to a specific size or resolution.


Be sure you have the Keep Proportions checked.






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