Print Center

The Print Center is where you manage your printers and printing jobs. It is found in the Utilities folder of your Applications folder.



Most users will have only one printer connected but if you have a network with more than one or you need to add a new printer here is where you view or add them.


If you have trouble printing it is likely that for some reason the Jobs have been stopped. Open the Jobs window by double-clicking on the printer in the Printer List and click Start Jobs to resume the printing. Be sure you delete any duplicate jobs or jobs you no longer need before you start the jobs.


On the other hand if you have started a print job that you would like to cancel. Open the Print Center, double-click on the printer and choose Stop Jobs. Don't forget to delete any unwanted print jobs and choose to Start Jobs so that you won't have to return when you need to print the next time.

It is a good idea to keep the Print Center or Printer Jobs Window in the Dock for quick access when you have to stop a print job. How To: see The Dock.


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