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There are a few tricks to make your find more effective.

Do you have documents that you create that you need to search the text of?

Instead of indexing your entire drive you can select the folder or file you would like to update and use the contextual menu to "index a selection". This will save you an enormous amount of time keeping your index updated.

Keep those docs in a folder of their own, like the "documents" folder which was placed in the top level of your hard drive when the OS was originally installed. This will give you a particular folder to index and backup thus saving both memory for your indexes and time when you need to find by content.

Give certain projects a label of their own so that you can limit a find. Here is a snapshot of the window you get when you choose edit in the Sherlock 2 window. Notice I have limited the search to those documents which have a "Project 1" label. This will cut the number of items found significantly.


You can also index or not index items according to the labels you have assigned. If you are selective in how you use the otherwise little used labels feature you can make these Sherlock text searches very quick. Here is a screenshot of Sherlock's preferences.


The system responsiveness slide bar increases the number of keywords that are kept in memory. The more responsive the more keywords and therefore the longer it will take.

Also be sure to click on the "Languages" button and choose only the languages you will be using. This will shorten the indexing time and the size of that index significantly.


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