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Internet Explorer 5 has many features that can be customized the way you would like. From the view menu you can not only choose to show or hide the 5 different menu bars but also quickly change the color of the skin you want to use.


You can also choose what appears in your toolbar. Choose "Customize Toolbars" from the view menu and this window will appear. You can easily add, delete and move any of the tools by dragging and dropping.


Another great feature is the Toolbar favorites. It supports nested folders and makes it easy to open your favorite web pages.


You can also add to it by just dragging an address from the Address Bar to a position or folder in the favorites toolbar.

This will only add it to the top of the original folder but you can better organize your Toolbar Favorites by choosing "Toolbar Favorites" from the Favorites menu.

Moving favorites around can be a little tricky. In the next screenshot the favorite will appear between the two folders. Notice the line between the folders.


In the next screenshot the favorite will appear in the folder. Notice the folder is highlighted.


Subscriptions are another feature which can help you stay on top of sites you visit regularly. When subscribed IE will check to see if any changes have been made to a site since you last visited or on a schedule of your choice. To subscribe (or unsubscribe) all you need to do is click in the column under the newspaper icon to the left of the site you would like to subscribe to. The blue asterisk means that the site has been updated and the newspaper icon shows that you are subscribed but the site has not been updated. Updated sites will also be marked in both your Favorites toolbar (a bullet) and in your Favorites drop down menu (a checkmark).


By choosing Get Info when a favorite is highlighted you can make adjustments to your subscriptions.


With these options you can make IE look and feel the way you would like. Happy Surfing.


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