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The iTunes music files are fairly large and once you have a reasonable playlist your database can become quite large. If you have your computers networked you can access that large database from multiple computers.

I have an iTunes database of about 1000 songs that uses 4gigs of hard drive space and a network spread throughout the house with a RevA iMac, an iMacDV and a G4 all using iTunes. The RevA is in the kitchen and I use it to listen to my music while working there but it has only a 4gig hard drive and keeping the music files on it would fill the hard drive. I keep the music on the G4 and can access it from either iMac. Here is how I have done it.

One thing to understand is that the music files (even the same song) can be accessed simultaneously but the iTunes Music Library can not.

I created the music library on the G4 then copied that iTunes Music Library to each of the other machines, replacing the libraries that were there (HD:Documents:iTunes). Now I can use iTunes on any or all of the Macs and have access to all my music files without having to recreate the database or use significant hard drive space on each machine.

If you are only going to use iTunes on one machine at a time, you can simply create an alias of the iTunes folder on the machine with the music files and put it in the documents folder on the remote machine.

When I add music to the Library, I do it on the G4 and then replace the iTunes Music Library on each iMac with the updated one from the G4. If you add music from another computer that you want use on the other machines you must remember to change the Music Folder Location in the Advanced Tab of iTunes' preferences. This gets reset each time you open iTunes.







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