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If you are like me your inbox gets pretty full rather quickly. I have about 60 rules set up to move incoming emails into their proper folders but in spite of that I need to do some housecleaning regularly. OE5 has some features to make it easier for you.

As you are viewing a message you can move the message to any folder you would like. There are many ways to accomplish this. Of course from the message list you can drag a message to any folder (spring loaded folders function as you have them set in your OS preferences). 





If you are in the message window you can click on the folder drop-down list and choose the folder to move it to. Alternatively, you can ctrl+click (to get the contextual menu) on any message subject in the 3 pane window. OE5 will give you a list of the last 20 folders which have been accessed. You can choose one of those or........







if the folder is not in that list you can choose "Move to Folder". You will be presented with the following window from which you can choose any folder and can even create a NEW folder. A great time saver as you would otherwise have to go to the folder list and add a new folder then return to your inbox and then move it.


Another great feature is that this window is available from most anywhere a message is open or highlighted with shft+cmd+M.

With these features your inbox housekeeping is made much more efficient.





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