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What good are those spring-loaded folders?


suppose you would like to move a program you found on the internet and stored in a desktop download folder to a permanent location with your other applications located a few levels deep in your hard drive or move an alias of a file for a particular project and place it into a folder for that project which you will make into a popup folder for easy access.

As you drag that file, folder or alias over the icon of your hard drive hold it there and in a second or so, the drive will open. Now drag that alias over a folder in this window -- keep the mouse button down -- and wait until that folder springs open. Repeat until you reach the folder where you'd like to store the alias. Then, let go of the mouse button. When you do, the file moves to that folder and all the folders you opened will close. Check out the QuickTime movie I created demonstrating the creation of a popup folder using Spring-Loaded folders.

You can adjust the amount of time you need to hold a file over an icon in the "General" tab of the Finder Preferences found in the Edit menu while the finder is active.

Don't forget that you can get folders to spring open immediately by holding the spacebar down.


Some Mac programs that have internal folders also will support "Spring Loaded Folders". Outlook Express 5 for Mac is one. When moving messages you can use this feature to reach nested folders you have created.

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