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When you are working with a file in most Mac programs (curiously not AppleWorks) the icon next to the title will tell you if the file has been saved or not. When the file has been changed and NOT saved the icon will dim.


Once you have saved the file the icon will brighten.


If you click and drag on the icon you can move that open file or folder to another folder or to the desktop and if you hold the option key while you drag the icon you will copy the file or folder.


If you hold the Command Key while you click on the window title, a drop down menu will appear showing you the path to the file. You can highlight any of the folders and let the mouse button go and that folder will open.


If you hold the Control key while clicking the icon you will open the Contextual Menu from which you gain easy access to a number of options, the most valuable are "Get Info" and "Add to Favorites". Normally, you would have to close the window, locate the item again, highlight it and then go to the Menu Bar and choose the option. Again, Contextual Menus save you time and effort.


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