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Want to get the most out of your software, shareware and freeware programs?

Always!!! before you install or use the program, read the "read me" that comes with the download. Yes, sometimes there is nothing really there, but so often there is info there which is essential. Also read (or at least scan) the User Guide or Help files as you learn the program. Note, many programs use an internal help system and the Help files are viewed from the Help or Apple Menu in the Menu Bar once the program is running.

Then, after you have used the program for awhile go back and re-read the "read me" and Help files. You will then be familiar with the program and will undoubtedly learn new tricks and features that will increase the value of the program. I can't tell you the number of times I have wondered how to go about doing something and looked for a program that would do it only to find it was incorporated in a program I already was using. The authors spend quite a bit of time writing these in order to help you get the most from their work.

You can find programs and see users' input at

Remember to pay for the shareware programs that you use. A great deal of effort goes into these programs and no one is getting rich from shareware fees. What small amount of income it provides authors does go a long way in encouraging them to update current programs and to develop new ones. This is part of what makes the Mac community such a helpful environment.


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