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Would you like to save a picture of an error dialog or a finder window to help show tech help what is happening? You can take pictures of your screen or parts of it with keyboard shortcuts. This will create a PICT file named "Picture 1", "Picture 2" etc. which will be saved to the root directory of your hard drive. You will be able to open these files in Simple Text or most any graphics program or add it as an attachment to an email. Don't forget to rename it to something which makes sense.

You can take a picture of your entire screen with the keyboard shortcut shift+cmd+3.

With the keyboard shortcut shift+cmd+4 the cursor will change to a crosshair which you can click and drag to take a picture of a portion of your screen. You need to place the cursor at one corner of the portion you want because once you let go of the mouse button the picture will be taken.

With either of these keyboard shortcuts you can include the control key and the picture will be put to the clipboard instead of being saved to your hard drive but you must copy it to a program (like Simple Text) before you take another.

If you use the Caps Lock with the shift+cmd+4 the cursor will change to a Bull's Eye and you can take a picture of the open window or menu.



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